3 part course

Who is a master? 
One who learns to manage their thoughts and emotions - Ethics of Our Fathers.

Our whole experience of life is determined by our thoughts. If we can refine our thinking, we can transform our lives. We can learn to let go of negative states of being such as anxiety, jealousy, low-self-esteem, arrogance, regret, fear and stress and tap into positivity – joy, peace of mind, self love and respect, compassion, light-heartedness, connection and vitality. From there, we can reach the real goal – a palpable experience of our Soul and Hashem. Sign up now for the FREE 3 Part Introductory Course!
  • Each session includes: a 20 minute class explaining the ideas and techniques
  • a list of suggested avodas (tasks) to do
  • a self accounting sheet reminders and encouragement throughout the following days and weeks as you practice the tools
  • support, guidance and answers to your questions. 

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